Fabric Book Panels

$9.95 each

Whose Baby Am I?


Hand Printed Quilting Fabric Panels

These quilting fabric panels are hand printed fat quarters ( 18" x 22") that  you can use to "do your own thing" with them - $7.49 each

These 2 panels separate into 3 1/2" blocks.

For Teachers For Nurses

These 2 panels separate

See block 

 into 3 1/2" and 6 1/2" blocks.

 suggestions below.

For Cat Lovers For Dog Lovers

Prayer Shawl Comfort of the Psalms


Mother Panel


Example using 3'& 6" blocks Example using 6" blocks


Projects from  Quilting Fabric Panels

 The Ultimate Quilt Show Tote Bag - 20 " x 20 1/2" with 4" Bottom Gusset

We stock many fabrics that would be perfect for completing this project.  Please contact us for theme fabric suggestions.

This bag can be made using the panels below.  there are two versions: one made with quilted fabric and one made with quilting weight fabric. See block suggestions above for using other blocks.       

Panel + Pattern - $16.95

Panels for Quilt Show Bag



Miss Kitty's  5 by 5

This is a great project for your first quilt.  Each package contains pre-cut squares and borders.  Sew squares together, add backing and filler materials and your quilt is ready. These are sized for wall hangings.  Join with other blocks for larger sized projects.  Each kit contains complete instructions.  The blocks below were made from kits.  We will be adding color groupings soon.  In the meantime please contact with your special color requests.

There are 3 versions of this project: Random blocks (A), 5 coordinated patterns (B) and 2 fabric (C) pattern.  Instructions are the same for all but layout is different. Kits are available with 4", 5" or 6" blocks.


Random Color Batiks 5  coordinated patterns


2 fabrics 2 fabrics
2 fabrics 2 fabrics


Miss Kitty's  Trip  



Miss Kitty has made this variation of the Trip Around the World very easy.  Using our kit and method, a project of up to 35" square can be completed in a day.  In each kit are full instructions for completing the main block.  Using  blocks from 2 1/2" to 6" , a finished block of 12 1/2" to  30" can be completed.  Add borders of your choice to complete a 16" to 30" project.  Add more squares for an even larger block.

We will be adding color variations soon.