Miss Kitty's Home Sewing & Crafts Academy

San Diego Area


Learn to sew in our  classroom in small classes.  No need to own a machine; use our machines.

Class Levels:

Beginner:  These classes are designed for  students that need instruction in the basics of

using a sewing machine and what is needed to get started with sewing.


Intermediate:  These classes are designed for students that have basic knowledge of sewing machines, supplies and techniques.


Advanced:  These classes are designed for students that have knowledge of sewing

 machines, sergers, supplies and techniques.   Student should also have access to their own machine in order to complete project



Basic Sewing Class

All students are required to complete the basic

class that includes:


Introduction to parts of a machine, using the  machine and basic stitches with completion of a small project.


This class is  2 hours and includes fabrics  and supplies for the project.   






 Beginning Quilt Making

 This is a series of 3 classes


Basic sewing class is required before starting quilting making class. 


Class 1 - Quilting techniques will be shown and various patterns discussed.  Students will then select pattern and materials for making small quilt top. 


Class 2  -  Sewing of blocks in class.  Quilt top will be started; completion of quilt top will be demonstrated and instructions and supplies will be distributed.


Class 3  - Quilt will be assembled using top. filler  and backing.  First blocks will be tied.  Project will be then completed by the student at home. 


Student selects blocks to be used for quilt based on preference listed on Sewing Information sheet provided by student.



Miss Kitty's  5 by 5

These quilts can be made is quilt making classes

Random Color Batiks 5  coordinated patterns

2 fabrics 2 fabrics






Craft Classes

Kits available


Fabric Pillowówith pillow form & stuffing

 Instruction, fabric, backing & batting

 2 Fabric trimmed Hand

Towels   -  Includes towels and trims

 Fabric decorated cup

with matching coaster 

 Quillow (pillow with lap quilt inside)

 Made with fabric panel

Made with fabric panel






This picture shows pillow, decorative had towels, pot holders and fabric inset cups.  All items can be made in craft classes.


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